Too often in the world of plastic surgery, results look ‘done’. Although mistakes in technique may lead to such problems, the most common cause is a judgment issue in which the surgeon (sometimes with the blessing of the patient) intentionally creates a change which is not natural or fitting with the individual’s features. These problems can be avoided if the cosmetic surgeon adheres to a core set of aesthetic values.

Dr. Johnson’s aesthetic values center on natural beauty and vitality. Dr. Johnson’s was influenced by his mother, a painter and sculptor and was instilled with a sense of body symmetry and beauty from an early age. He strongly believes that the best results are those which look like they organically fit on an individual’s face, that the patient could have been born with those features. A huge advantage of this value system is that Dr. Johnson’s can work within a range of potential outcomes, rather than being held to narrow aesthetic constraints. Conventional plastic surgery teachings utilize specific measurements and angles between landmarks in the face to guide planning. Although these guidelines provide the basic understanding of our body’s general symmetry, Dr. Johnson’s believes that the human face should not be held to such rigid metrics. He believes that the ideal outcome for any individual should consider the unique attributes of the individual based on their anatomy, ethnicity and family features. In addition, individual patient preferences are weighed carefully to create the final plan for any given treatment.

In order to create customized aesthetic goals, Dr. Johnson approaches each patient in a two-way conversational style consultation. Each consult is different and tailored to each individual’s needs and priorities. State-of-the-art digital imaging and morphing software are used to fine-tune the plan based on the discussion. Dr. Johnson believes that listening and dialogue is critical for him to understand what is at the core of each of his patient’s wishes and therefore be most able to help them.

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