About CL Johnson MD P.C.

<h2>Dr. Christopher L. Johnson</h2>

Dr. Christopher L. Johnson


Dr. Christopher L. Johnson is a highly-trained board certified plastic surgeon with a Doctor of Medicine from Harvard Medical School at the top of his class. Dr. Johnson also holds a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry from the University of Oxford in the UK.

Dr. Johnson completed a fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the University of Massachusetts, while also receiving cosmetic training at Lenox Hill Hospital in Boston under the leadership of Dr. Norman Schulman.

Lifesaving Charity Work

Along with operating at his own practice, Dr. Johnson has donated his time to perform over 2,000 medical procedures in developing countries. Shortly after the massive 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Dr. Johnson and his team arrived in Port-au-Prince, where they carried out over 100 life- and limb-saving surgeries under difficult conditions. He has performed innumerable cleft lip and palate repairs at no cost throughout South America and Africa.

Dr. Johnson is one of only a few plastic surgeons who led humanitarian teams into Burundi, one of the poorest and most needy countries in the world. Dr. Johnson’s practice has taken him repeatedly to Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Ecuador.

Body of Work

Dr. Johnson also specializes in facial plastic surgery, eye rejuvenation surgery, Septo/rhinoplasty and body/face liposuction. He can complete facial rejuvenation using Botox® and Restylane®. Dr. Johnson firmly believes in subtle beauty enhancements to the client. He combines both minimally invasive and surgical procedures to enhance the face and body in a natural manner.

Dr. Johnson believes, moreover, in whole-person care. He is a proponent of supporting the spirit, mind, and body when treating patients. He invariably advises his clients that proper skin care and age management are critical to maintaining youth, vigor, and vitality once surgeries and other procedures have been completed.