Corrects: facial contour, aging changes, wrinkles, undereye hollows, flattened cheeks, thin lips, dark circles, flat or small nose, deep scars.
Length of Procedure: 5-30 minutes
Number of Treatments: 1
Longevity: 3 months to 5 years
Recovery Time: Lunchtime treatment

Facial Volumization

Facial volumization is widely applied for minimally invasive facial rejuvenation both as a solitary means and in conjunction with surgical correction. Appropriate facial volumization is dependent on patient characteristics, consistent longitudinal anatomical changes, and qualities of fillers available.

In our opinion, the use of volume has been the single greatest improvement in the rehabilitation of the aging face since the face lift. With volume adjustments, facial contours and balance can be altered nonsurgically and safely, as evidenced by the enormous interest in injectable fillers and volumization with surgical procedures.

Dr. Johnson did inject every area of the face causing defined augmentation, as expected from a skilled physician, with generally good results, such procedures are performed in moderation. Along the way, certain perceptions related to the effect of fillers have been noted; particularly, that filling the cheeks seems to improve the nasolabial fold contour. A rationalization frequently offered by both patients and clinicians is that adding volume to the cheeks creates a pulling force on the skin that elevates the nasolabial crease or nasolabial fold much as fingers will do when simulating a vertical pull in a mirror.