Corrects: Droopy or low set brows.
Length of Procedure: 1 hour (depending on sites)
Number of Treatments: 1
Longevity: Permanent
Recovery Time: 4-7 Days

Brow Lift in NYC

Brow lift procedures may be performed by a variety of techniques. The gold standard for brow lift surgery traditionally has been through a long incision inside the hairline of the front of the scalp. However, with the advancement of less invasive techniques, it has become possible to obtain good results using endoscopic equipment (tiny video cameras that allow the surgeon to visualize the anatomy underneath the skin). The development of biodegradable materials has made it possible to raise the brow through an approach similar to upper lid surgery. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and uses a dissolving device that holds the brow in place until the body permanently secures the brow.

This procedure may be combined with an upper or lower eyelid procedure to completely rejuvenate the appearance of the eye and forehead.

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