Corrects: Protruding, asymmetric or oversized ears.
Length of Procedure: 1-2 hours
Number of Treatments: 1
Longevity: Permanent
Recovery Time: 5 days

Ear Plastic Surgery

Otoplasty can improve the shape and position of the ears as well as reduce the size if they are in proportionately large compared to other facial features.

While there is no upper age limit for this type of surgery, it is commonly performed on children. Parents are encouraged to wait until the age of five to seven when the ears are fully developed. If the procedure can be performed before the child enters school, potential psychological trauma from teasing can be avoided.

During the operation, the supporting tissue of the ear (cartilage) is reshaped in order to position the ears closer to the head. This can be accomplished by placing an incision behind the ear so subsequent scars will be hidden by the natural skin crease.

Bandages will cover the ears for a few days to a week following the surgery and strenuous activity and contact sports should be avoided for a few weeks. The results of Otoplasty will last a lifetime and can have a tremendous, positive psychological impact especially for young patients.

With aging, our ears tend to enlarge and become floppy. This is also correctable with a form of otoplasty which is easily done on its own or combined with a facelift surgery.