Corrects: lower nasal bridge, broad flat nasal tip, wider frontal view of the nose, including the nostrils and bridge
Length of Procedure: 30-90 minutes
Number of Treatments: One
Longevity: Permanent
Recovery Time: 5-7 days

Asian Nose Job

Dr. Johnson’s unique approach treating the Asian face is often the opposite of that which is required to improve Caucasian profiles. The goal of Asian Rhinoplasty is to refine and sculpt the nasal structure in a way that blends seamlessly with the eyes, mouth, brow and cheekbones. It usually involves augmenting the bridge and tip through cartilage grafts that strengthen functional support and offer greater definition.

Where so many other doctors are at a loss in dealing with Asian nose jobs, Dr. Johnson researched the different ethnic structures with great results, that clients can rely on. Dr. Johnson is keenly attuned to the subtle and delicate complexities of the Asian anatomy. Additionally, Dr. Johnson’s background in otolaryngology brings an astute understanding of the nose’s functional capacity; he never sacrifices cosmetic appeal for structural integrity. His results are always exquisite, natural and well suited to the Asian aesthetic. 

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